Last Updated June 5, 2000

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Click here to E-Mail usClick here to learn more about what Citizen Patrols areLook for our first Quarterly Newsletter in July, 2000Frequently asked questions about Citizen PatrolsClick here for more links to informative sitesClick here for articles and awards we have receivedNACOP merchandise available on-line soon The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide a forum by which our members can communicate their needs and desires to the NACOP Board of Directors.  Contained within our Bylaws is a provision that states one of the Board of Directors duties is to implement the wishes of our members.  Our Advisory Board consist of individuals selected from, and by, our member's organizations.   Additionally, we may have select non-member representatives on the Advisory Board who act as "Special Advisors to the Board" and  bring unique and needed knowledge to help guide our Board of Directors.


Advisory Board Members

Lt. Doug Kingery, City of Bell Gardens Police Department
Patrol and Special Operations Team Supervisor
NACOP Special Advisor, Gang Suppression/Awareness


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