Last Updated July 18, 2008

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The National Association of Citizens on Patrol was developed to support Citizen Patrol Organizations, their members and Volunteer Coordinators along with offering individual memberships. The NACOP is the first organization in the world that focuses 100% on the needs of Citizens On Patrol, their Coordinators and those wishing to start a new C.O.P. Group.

Annual Organization Membership includes:

Professionally developed web site customized for your Citizen Patrol Organization.  This site will enable your organization to offer to the public information on the following topics: tell people About your organization, Recognize your Honored Volunteers, List  your Board and Staff,  Show Photos of your members and equipment, list local Contributors to your organization, display News about your group, provide information on how to Join your group or any additional information you wish you display and share with others.

Monthly Updates to your web site are included with your annual membership, all we ask is you provide us with seven days to make the changes upon receipt of your information.  This service alone would cost you over $500.00 a year!

NOTE: We will also provide on your web site a URL Hyperlink to your city government and law enforcement agency upon request.

Quarterly NACOP Newsletter to help educate and inform your volunteers of ongoing news and events in the world of Citizen Patrol Organizations. "Eyes and Ears" is the only newsletter in the nation dedicated to C.O.P.'s. No other publication covers the needs of Citizens On Patrol.

Individual NACOP window decals for each volunteer in your organization and your patrol cars to let the world know your belong to the only national organization in the world dedicated to supporting Citizens On Patrol! 

NACOP Framed Membership Certificate to display at your Office

Discounted Entry to National Citizens On Patrol Annual Conferences.

Your Citizen Patrol Law Enforcement Coordinators and Chief of 
Police are included at no additional charge with annual membership.

Click here for a Membership Application to print and mail back with your check to start your membership!

Annual Organization Membership Fee's

1-25 Members in organization        $125.00 per year
26-50 Members in organization      $175.00 per year
51-75 Members in organization      $225.00 per year
76-100 Members in organization    $275.00 per year

$50.00 per year for each additional 25 members

SPECIAL SAVINGS OFFER:   Citizen Patrol groups who pay for two years up front will receive the third year free.

NOTE: If a company or organization sponsors your yearly membership fee we will gladly highlight them on your web site and provide either a URL Hyperlink to their web site or provide them with a single web page linked to your site as a way of saying thanks for their support of your Citizen Patrol group.

For Specific Questions regarding membership in the NACOP, click here to e-mail us  Contact Us.  or call 951-898-8551 and ask for Art Femister.


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