Last Updated May 22, 2005

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As the President, Founder of this organization, I am pleased to welcome you to our site and thank you for your interest.  Since 1997 I have been an active member of a local Citizens On Patrol organization patrolling our streets and working with Law Enforcement.  I have shared in the joy of helping fellow citizens in times of need and shared in their sorrow during times of sadness as with fatal traffic accidents. Overall, however, I have shared in the pride of serving my community and working with some of the finest members of law enforcement knowing we are making a difference just as you can!

My years of experience have proven that a small group of concerned, dedicated citizens with the proper training and support of their community and law enforcement can make a difference.  For example, in one city that I patrolled, crime dropped over 20%  since the beginning of our COP organization.  Further, we have saved our city over $250,000.00 per year in hard dollars which, if utilized, could fund two additional full time deputies. In a town with only eleven full time deputies that's a twenty percent increase in sworn officers.

Citizen Patrol organizations can and do make a difference especially when coupled with Community Oriented Policing efforts.  It is for this reason I chose to invest the necessary funds to start a national non-profit association to support existing Citizens Patrol  organizations, assist in the development of future ones, and educate the public in general as to the use and benefits of Citizens On Patrol.  I hope you will find the information contained within this site useful and positive.  I welcome your feedback and will respond to inquires or questions you may have regarding our association or Citizens on Patrol in general.  And please, the next time you see our members patrolling your streets, smile and give them a wave, they  appreciate your support!

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For the past 20 years, Mr. Femister has been a Sales and Marketing professional in the Information Technology area and currently serves the Public Safety market.  Prior to that he served four years in the U.S. Coast Guard conducting Search and Rescue Missions and Law Enforcement patrols.  Mr. Femister has been an active Citizen Patrol volunteer since 1996 and has completed a Level II Reserve Police Officer training course.  He also serves as an on-call Volunteer with his  local county Fire Department's Mobile Emergency Operations Center. Mr. Femister is also a member of his cities CERT,  Community Emergency Response Team.  Mr. Femister is recognized as an expert in the area of Citizen Patrol knowledge and has been featured on TV, Radio and Newspapers. He has received numerous awards for his community service and is one of the few civilian recipients of the IACP's, International Association of Chiefs of Police, "Presidents Coin" which he received for his efforts with the NACOP to reduce crime throughout the nation.

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