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Surprise, Arizona - In 2007  while on patrol, two volunteer members of the Surprise, Arizona, Police Citizens Patrol unit observed smoke in the sky coming from a residential area just outside their cities patrol area.  They headed to the smoke and when they arrived they found a garage in the back yard, close to the house, full engulfed in flames and threatening the house and it's residents. They radioed their dispatch center to notify the neighboring towns fire department and in the meantime, they knocked on the door of the house and helped to evacuate the residents who were unaware of the fire, potentially saving the lives of the entire family.  The two SPD COP volunteers received the 2007 NACOP's "Eagle Eye" award.

Orlando, Florida - in December 2007, Orlando Police Dept Citizen Patrol volunteer Omar Elmazry, having just left police department after his volunteer shift and while still in uniform, noticed a car in front of him which appeared to be stalled with cars honking and driving around it. Mr. Elmazry exited his vehicle to investigate and call the OPD dispatch center when he noticed a man inside,  unconscious and slumped over the steering wheel. As he saw this, the car began slowly moving forward with the man still unconscious.  Mr. Elmazry was able to reach inside the vehicle and steer it safely off the road and called for paramedics to assist the man. It was later determined the man had gone into diabetic shock and would have died had it not been for Omar's efforts.  Mr. Elmazry was awarded the 2008 NACOP Life Saving award for his efforts.
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Norco, California - In 1999 members of the NCP, while on patrol, observed a "245 ADW", assault with a deadly weapon, in progress. They followed the suspect and called sheriff's dispatch with the license plate number of the vehicle. They continued to follow the suspect vehicle until Deputies arrived and made the arrest of the two felony suspects without incident.  Back to top

North Miami Beach, Florida - This most significant event lead to the capture of a murder suspect in the getaway vehicle that had just killed a woman during a robbery. The Citizens On Patrol spotted the vehicle and followed it until police arrived and arrested the suspect. Back to top

El Monte, California - On March 8, 2007, a student at Payne Elementary School began to choke on a piece of hard candy inside the classroom. El Monte Police Volunteer Rudy Sanchez, who was volunteering inside a nearby classroom, heard people calling for the police and fire department. He ran inside the classroom and saw that the child was going unconscious. He quickly used the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the piece of candy.

Two days later on March 10, 2007, Mr. Sanchez was volunteering at the Fiesta of Books at the El Monte Community Center when a 2-year old girl began to choke on a jawbreaker while sitting in her stroller. Her distracted mother didnít notice she was turning blue.Rudy placed the infant face down on his open palm and lightly struck the back of the infant until the obstruction was dislodged. When the jawbreaker came out, her heart stopped, so he began working on her heart. Paramedics said that without Rudyís assistance, the little girl would have died. Mr. Sanchez was awarded the 2007 NACOP Life Saving award for his efforts. Back to top

Perris, California - Two Citizen Patrol Volunteers were on patrol and narrowly avoided being hit by a drunk driver. They looked behind them and observed the drunk driver hit another car head on. They radioed dispatch notifying them of the accident, and requesting an ambulance. The drunk driver got out of his vehicle and started to walk away while the volunteers followed the drunk driver at a safe distance. The accident occurred less than a block away from the Citizen Patrol office and both the dispatchers were also able to keep an eye on the driver while relaying the information to the sheriff's dispatcher. Within a minute, three deputies had the driver in custody. He was later found to have an outstanding "No Bail Warrant" for his arrest for a parole violation and was sent back to state prison. Back to top

Santa Paula, California - While on routine patrol, Citizen Patrol Volunteers Patty Harrison and Pat Untiedt were flagged down by a motorist stating they needed medical assistance as a female was about to give birth. They immediately radioed Police Dispatch to request medical assistance for the female; however, as they soon found, she was too far along to wait. Utilizing the basic medical training they received from the Police Department as part of their initial training, the two Citizen Patrol Volunteers assisted with the birth and delivery of a young healthy baby prior to medical assistance arriving on scene. While it is common for Citizen Patrol Volunteers to act as "Eyes and Ears" for the Law Enforcement, in this case they acted as "helping hands" to bring a new life into this world, Congratulations!  Back to top

Hesperia, California - There have been several incidents over the years, one of them was when two Citizen Patrol Volunteers found a car which had been involved in a fatal hit and run accident a few hours earlier, enabling the Deputies to identify and arrest the driver. The other involved an "off duty" Citizen Patrol Volunteer who observed a vehicle he remembered from a previous briefing as being stolen. After calling in the location to his station, a Deputy was able to recover the vehicle and arrest a suspect for Grand Theft Auto. Back to top

Rancho Cucamonga, California - During a major fire that occurred in the city about 5 years ago, the Citizens Patrol group worked for 48 hours nonstop with the Fire Department and law enforcement to help evacuate horses and livestock while also conducting traffic control around the fire area. Today there are many happy horses who are still alive thanks to the efforts of these Citizen Patrol Volunteers. Back to top

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